New Models in Outplacement:
Disruption Comes to HR


Virtual models are the new leaders of the outplacement industry, according to a white paper just published by HRxAnalysts. The leading HR research, analysis and consulting firm said the white paper is the first in a series dedicated to recognizing the disruptors in the world of human resources. John Sumser, head of HRxAnalysts, said, "traditional outplacement firms are being rapidly replaced by companies that upend the old paradigm and focus on delivering extremely tailored services to employees in transition. This 'better, cheaper, faster' approach offers a cleaner path to a new job."

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About HRxAnalysts


HRxAnalysts is the first company to treat the HR Industry as a mature marketplace teeming with brands and customers. Our job is to quantify the people who work in HR, their needs and ambitions. Simultaneously, we quantify the elements of the brands of the companies that serve those HR workers.

HRxAnalysts is the only company in the world that measures and reports on the psychographics of the HR profression. We have just completed the largest ever survey of the attitudes, demographics, lifestyle choices, politics and attitudes of the people of HR. From us you can learn about the career choices they make, the way they spend their time, and what makes them tick.

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