Are today's employees tomorrow's brand ambassadors? They can be, if you manage your relationships with your talent properly.

The average employee spends only 4.6 years with a single job, whether due to economic pressures, new opportunities, or workforce restructuring. While retention is ideal, you can still “retain” transitioned workers as supportive alumni and members of your talent network by fostering an environment of empowerment and transparency. 

In this eBook, you will learn 5 ways to:

  • Strengthen your employer brand, even during a reduction in force
  • Retain talent through internal mobility and redeployment
  • Communicate effectively with all affected employees before, during and after a layoff

And more!


By following the strategies outlined in this eBook, you will not only learn how to bulletproof your brand during a workforce restructuring, but you'll also hold onto top talent and create an environment that is supportive and respectful to all of your employees (past, current and future).

Creating Alumni: Turning Former Employees into Brand Ambassadors 

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Maintain Your Reputation as an Employer of Choice

5 Ways to Turn a Transitioned Employee into Your Biggest Fan